February 5, 2015

Episode 71: Jennerbender

Click Me Morning, kids! I promised a new podcast. Ergo and thusly, here it is.

Three whole people have won free copies of my new book this week. (Congrats, three people!) Is one of them you? Listen to this latest episode to find out. What's inside? Well...

How about what it's like to buy a car while famous? (Hint: Do you get to take possession of a car before paying for it? Celebrities do!)

How about what it's like to dodge, I mean do, jury duty while famous?

How about some celebrity dish from Chill City?

And how about some very, very, VERY little known dish about Bruce Jenner's latest news?

It's all here, my little Fatalities. Enjoy.

Got a question about how Hollywood really works? Ask it in the handy feedback module to the right.

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