December 21, 2014

The fall of the house of Akon and other bits of holiday cheer

Last week, Instagram decided to root out a bunch of fake followers among its users. By fake followers, I mean bots—fake accounts that you can buy by the terabyteful to make your Instagram presence look bigger than it really is. The resulting scrub job has been dubbed Instapurge 2014. 

Of note: Instagram itself was apparently buying followers. Or, at the very least, it had been befriending a lot of robots, because it lost 30 percent of its followers in its own purge.

But the biggest losers to emerge from Instapurge 2014 were celebrities. 

Justin Bieber just lost 15 percent of his Instagram viewers – 3.5 million borgs most likely served up unto the boy king by his viziers at his record label. Kim Kardashian? More than 5.5 percent of her followers. And the saddest celebrity of all? Singer and celebrated teen-fan-tosser Akon, who has watched more than 56 percent of his supposed Instagram fandom dry up and blow away.

God bless us, every one.

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