November 18, 2014

Episode 68: We have a winner

Click MeI told you I was going to give away free signed copies of my book, and—unlike many a Hollywood publicist—I do not lie to my public. In fact, whenever possible, I double the hell down. On truth. As in, what if I select not one lucky book winner this week, but two?

Yep, this week, two lucky listeners wrote in celebrity-related questions that I answer on this week's edition: a) Is booking a ski vacation the same when you're famous? b) What about, you know, birthing?

The quick answers: a) No. And b) ...definitely no. Two signed copies of my book are on their way to a) Jessica Carico and b) Katie Basse. Thanks for playing along. 

Also this week:
  • Co-host Baby Vegas slings a celebrity sighting from deep within the Hollywood privilege hole. Then I offer a way-better celebrity sighting. It's a fresh Cage Match, people!
  • I read your letters in a brand-new edition of our recurring Burn After Reading segment.
  • And I offer an extremely vain Blind Item.
Think you know the star I'm talking about?

Got a question about how celebrities really live? Buy my new book (available in paperback or Kindle) or ask me via the handy feedback module to the right.


  1. UK link to Kindle version of your book:

  2. Thank you! I am reposting this in a new post to make sure people see it!