November 11, 2014

Episode 67: Win a free copy of your favorite book ever

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My new book is out! My new book is out!

Maybe you're not familiar with my conquests in the world of publishing. Maybe you remain ignorant of my bestselling sort-of selling book, which exposes the real secrets behind how celebrities operate. (Hint: Stars are not just like us.) Maybe you've been waiting for such a book your whole life. Well here comes your second chance.

The second edition of my book is now out! The Celebrity Playbook gives you all the updated dish on what it's really like to be a star—how to not pay for things, how to not raise your kids, how to not serve time in jail, how not to stand in line for... anything. 

And here's the best part: You can buy this brightly colored, candy-like volume on Amazon right now. Or you can win a free copy. It's easy. Listen to my brand-new podcast for details on what to do and how to do it. (Or just buy a copy of the book, really. It's pretty cheap. Santa wants you to put it under your tree.)

Also in this brand-new episode:
  • A listener wonders what all those random people are doing on Talking Dead. So I find out.
  • Another listener asks whether stars pay for their own trainers if they're getting buff for a role and OF COURSE THEY DON'T STARS DON'T EVER PAY FOR ANYTHING IF YOU READ MY BOOK YOU WOULD KNOW THAT.
  • A third listener writes in to ask why stars get away with bringing their dogs into supermarkets out here. Again, I find out for you.
It's all here for you! Have a listen.

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  1. Christina Hendricks was a few months ago on the BBC, promoting her latest movie in GB and she admitted she got to fly with her dog because of the "service dog" for travel anxiety loophole.