October 6, 2014

In which I explain why my fans are the best ever

My fans are the best ever. This is an empirically measurable fact. Fans of other podcasts are precisely 30 percent less wonderful than mine. And I have evidence. Again: empirical.

The other day I found a package on my stoop from a podcast fan named Rachael Collins. She lives overseas. She wanted to make me a pair of silver earrings, so she did, and then sent them via airmail at her own expense.

They're gorgeous, as you can see. I was flattered and kind of overwhelmed that I have such nice listeners. I've been wearing the earrings pretty much every day.

Now Collins wants to make me a ring. When I emailed Collins to thank her for the earrings and to tell her that she shouldn't feel obligated to make me a ring, because, you know, I am not a Kardashian and I do not expect hard-working and talented designers to send me stuff for free, she replied that she really wanted to. 

Because next week she's going into brain surgery. And she may not have time to do it after that.

To repeat: This person is prepping for brain surgery and she takes time to make jewelry for total strangers just because she likes them and what they do. 

Collins's Twitter account is @sunstarsparkles. I'm about to Tweet her some words of encouragement. Will you the same? Meantime, I'll be keeping in touch with her as she goes through her surgery and will keep you up to date.

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