October 22, 2014

Exclusive! Lost piece of AHS: Freak Show titles

Die-hard American Horror Story fans: I bring you a piece of never-before seen footage from this season!

These frames were originally earmarked for the opening titles of Freak Show, but they never made the final cut. Showrunner Ryan Murphy put the kibosh on this little piece, created, along with the rest of the opening titles, by Kyle Cooper and his company, Prologue.

Look closely. If you see a pair of babies who look eerily similar to the formaldehyde fetuses in the opener of season one, you’re right. These twins, who are waltzing, if you must know, are an homage to the backstory of Murder House. Cooper's creative process is ever-flowing; this sequence is one of many darlings that had to be killed, so to speak, to create the masterful final product that you see every week on FX.

As for Cooper's theory about the firing of the fetuses, he supposes that Murphy may have thought that the sequence doesn’t really match the rest of the opening titles.

I think the babies look pretty cool. What do you think?

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