October 2, 2014

Best boy does good

Answer Dad, the man who created me and who occasionally guest co-hosts on my podcasts, has a little habit. He indulges it after every movie, while the credits are rolling. He waits and waits, until he sees the credit for "best boy," and then cries, "There it is! I was looking for the best boy."

It's understandable, when you think about it. If you're a movie lover, and you haven't spent at least 15 seconds wondering what the heck a best boy does, you're a corpse. 

Here is what a best boy is: The best boy is the assistant to the chief electrician on a film crew. He is not to be confused with the Better Boy, which is a breed of tomato.

The best boy is also, as we have learned today, very well compensated.

The Hollywood Reporter just released a list of salaries for people in show business, ranging from A-list actors to animal performers to wigmakers to agency assistants. Best boys, on average, make $92,000 a year.

I do not.

Curious about what, say, a gardener makes on set? How about showrunner or a gaffer?

Have a look.

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  1. I've always wondered: living in LA is very expensive. How does Baby Vegaz make a living? Wearing gold pants and dancing around pays that well?