August 19, 2014

Episode 61: I am Grossly Overpaid! Groot!

Click Me Well, look at that. We're at our 61st episode already. That's no small feat, given that I'm starting to rack up mortal enemies. Take the film office for a certain southwestern metropolis, for example. I hear that someone over there considers me formidable, or, at least, enough of a threat to shut out my sources down there. I feel so important!

This week's co-host is Friend o' the Show Clint Wells, who, for reasons yet unclear, has decided to play the Kim Kardashian Hollywood mobile game until he either reaches A-list status or spends all his money. Thinking of picking up the game yourself? Be warned. It's addictive. And not necessarily in a good way. Let Clint fill you in.

  • In celebration of The Expendables 3: How to hire your own real-life expendable, for less than seven figures
  • How much Vin Diesel likely earned for his three-word part in Guardians of the Galaxy
  • How the media seemed to know in advance that Lauren Bacall was preparing to shed her very hot mortal coil
  • And yet another installment of my new segment, Things I Learned From Watching The Strain!

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  1. I knew Groot. DisneyGroot, you're no Groot.

    <img src=" Monsters Dwell.jpg>

  2. So the original Groot looked like poop. Roger.