July 29, 2014

Episode 59: 1 of 2 good things from Comic-Con & the celeb wedding dish Tom Cruise wishes would go away

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That's a long headline up there. Deal with it. It's a jam-packed podcast, and that's what happens when you record a jam-packed podcast that's jam-packed with jammy-packy dish.

For instance: My co-host this week is none other than Harmony Walton of the Bridal Bar, the celebrity wedding planning company that knows more secrets about star nuptials than pretty much every other person on the planet. You all wrote in with questions about said weddings: Do stars really marry for profit? Who really handles their guest lists? How many marriages are fake? 

And we answer. So there's that. 

Plus! One of you wanted to know if anything really worth your time happened at Comic-Con. I found precisely two things.

And! The next time your officemate insists that Kim Kardashian's new mobile game is set to make $200 million, tell your officemate to shut her dirty, lying mouth, because it's not even close to true. And I have the numbers to back that claim up.


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