June 6, 2014

Pharrell, the Beebs, Jonah Hill: Savvier, not sorrier

Gage Skidmore
With three major celebrity apologies cascading down upon us like pennies from heaven this week, it's only natural that I gather up the shinies and declare: A trend! A trend! 

I was almost impressed by Jonah Hill and his hair-shirt-like neck beard of penitence; he really did seem sorry for that faggot comment he hurled at a paparazzo.

And Justin Bieber has issued yet another public apology–essentially for being Justin Bieber. But this one feels almost Belieb-able.

"I need to take responsibility for those mistakes and not let them linger," Bieber said in a statement Wednesday after video emerged of the singer using racial slurs. "I just hope that the next 14-year-old kid who doesn't understand the power of these words does not make the same mistakes I made years ago. At the end of the day I just need to step up and own what I did."

That may sound S.O.P. for mea culpas. But it isn't. Compare the above statement to the Year of Our Lord 2010, a fine annum for fake, fake apologies.

"I feel like I have apologized to the fans," English soccer player Wayne Rooney quipped in December of that year after promising to play on one team, but then signing with another. "But everyone keeps saying that I haven't, and if that is the case, then I apologize for my side of things."

So what's changed? Hint: It isn't the stars. Learn more in my latest front-pager for Yahoo! Celebrity.

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