June 12, 2014

Here goes: I'm about to disagree with Louis C.K.

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I love me some Louis C.K. I think he's a legend in his own time. No fooling.

But when he asked a gossip Web site to please take down a piece of video this week, I actually had to stop and think about his request. And then I had to realize that I ... disagree. With Louis C.K. Who is awesome.

Here's the background: Comedian Tracy Morgan got into a horrible accident on a New Jersey freeway a few days ago. Another motorist was killed; Morgan and three other victims, including comedian Ardie Fuqua, are expected to recover.

The Web site TMZ is showing video footage of the accident on its Web site. The footage includes Fuqua getting pulled from the wreckage.

In response, Fuqua's daughter has made a public plea for the video's removal.

"This is hurting my heart so bad that this video is posted for all to see," she wrote.

And then Louis C.K. backed her up.

“Take it down TMZ,” he wrote on Twitter. “Now. Please.”

For the record, I am not a massive fan of TMZ. They occasionally break decent news, but countless former employees have told me it's a miserable, exploitative place to work, and, of course, there's the site's habit of paying paparazzi to get up in stars' faces just to get a rise out of them.

That said–here I go–I'm siding with TMZ on this one.

I would agree with Fuqua's daughter if she were somehow being forced to watch the accident footage. But she's not. She's trying to deny other people the right to relay something—something awful, I admit—that happened in public. I wouldn't wish the poor girl's pain on anyone, but pain doesn't give someone the moral license to decide who gets to record or recount events, especially when those events go down in public.

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