June 23, 2014

Episode 55: I’m alive, thanks for asking

Click MeI’m back with a brand-new podcast, people! For those of you who voiced concern over the utterly vicious, Uruk-Hai army of a head cold I had last week—and to those three of you, thank you—know that I am back. I am alive. I am ready to, once again, answer your questions about what’s really going on in show business.

As promised, this week I dig deeper into the Hollywood Black List, the annual survey of the most popular scripts that, for whatever reason, have yet to make it to the big screen. As Black List founder Franklin Leonard tells me this week, if you’ve been to the movies recently, chances are, you’ve seen a Black List script. Why do so many future Oscar-winning films end up on the Black List? Wouldn’t a project with Oscar potential shoot straight to the top of the production schedule? You’d be surprised. Listen to learn more.

  • Game of Thrones obsessives Sean Serino and Nerd Out co-host Lisa B. Jenkins critique the recent season finale, including the producers' decision to leave out that really big plot point from the books.
  • Inside dish on how children are cast for massive touring musicals. (Hint: They’re children. They're all the same.)
  • Plus! The real reason why someone like Kendall Jenner gets to walk the red carpet at Cannes and you don’t.
Have a listen! I’ll be over here. Hacking up a lung. No, no. Go. Go on without me. Save yourselves.

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