May 27, 2014

Episode 52: Heads in the Sandler

Click MeAdam Sandler’s latest movie has a Rotten Tomatoes metascore lower than Jennifer Lopez’s necklines, at 15 percent. (For the record, the film, which Shall Not Be Named, is also a flop, having earned a mere $14.3 million since it opened.) This isn’t the first Sandler film to spur film critics to hastily empty their popcorn onto the theater floor so they’ll have something absorbent to heave into; Jack and Jill merited a mere 3 percent in 2011. And then there was That’s My Boy, co-starring comedy ripoff artist Andy Samberg. Nothing else need be said.

And yet Sandler just keeps on working. He has no fewer than four more films in the offing. Two are in post; two are currently being forged by Sauron in the Cracks of Doom. (If that fact doesn’t have you running scared, consider: Per IMDB Pro, Sandler is threatening us with no fewer than 13 future movies in various stages of development, including one with the tentative tag of Untitled Stephen Dorff Project.)

How does this person keep getting jobs? That’s not me asking the question to myself. A listener wrote in with the same very excellent question. And I answer it in my latest episode like it’s my job. ’Cause it is.

Also in this new edition!
  • Original Bitchling Matt Donnelly returns, joining me in a brand-new, extremely sexy Cage Match.
  • I explain why even Good Witch (Evil Witch?) Angelina Jolie cannot impose legal gag orders on her children.
  • We read your letters!
Have a listen.

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