May 19, 2014

Episode 51: NCISTFU

Click MeIt’s been roughly 8 months, and actress Cote de Pablo has yet to reveal what really led to her departure from oldster favorite NCIS. Indeed, with few exceptions, there's been a nearly Beyonce-level silence about what led the ersatz Israeli to up and leave Scoob and the gang all sudden-like. Listener Kristy wrote in to ask why our favorite Chilean rock-and-roll military crime fighter might be giving us such a silent treatment. And I answer that question like it’s my job. Because it is.

Also this week!
  • I explain why I’m all alone in my studio, talking to myself. Crime is involved.
  • I patiently break down why Kim Kardashian, who reportedly is charging eight figures for broadcast rights to her wedding, is very likely already married.
  • I dish out a blind item draped in a burkha.
Plus so much more!

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