May 5, 2014

Episode 50: Jane Lynchburg lemonade

Click MeCongratulations to me. The Fame Fatale turns 50 this week! Sort of! This marks our 50th episode. I wanted to celebrate. But I had so much hot Hollywood info to share with you that I kind of forgot to get bombed on champagne. (Looks like Episode 51 is gonna be all kinds of raucous. I apologize to my liver in advance.)

In this edition:
  • Baby Vegas has a hot (yoga) encounter with a star from Glee.
  • I get a misdirected email meant for the publicist of a movie actress. And the contents of that email reveal quite a bit about how stars stay rich. Or, at least, well dressed.
  • A reader asks whether the alcohol is real on Hollywood Game Night. And I find out from someone who’s been on the set.
  • I gently break the news to sexually threatened straight men everywhere: Ben Affleck is officially smart. And I have proof.
  • Plus: Your letters! 

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