April 28, 2014

Episode 49: Voice recognition

Click MeRemember Brandon Chase, that cute l’il country singer from Texas who set off not one but two buzzers during last season’s The Voice? He may not have won, but so what? This is a guy who already had sold 20,000 records before show producers even invited him to audition.

What’s that you say? You didn’t know that Voice contestants often skip the cattle call lines and go straight to top of the audition heap via direct invitations from casting directors?

It’s true. And it happens much more often than you might think.

Chase visited Los Angeles recently to promote his new single, “One.” He sat down with me for an interview at the bustling Paper or Plastik Cafe, right around the corner from my recording studio, to discuss that single, plus, of course, what it’s really like to audition for The Voice. (Hint: If you’re not ready to spend three months living in a hotel room being groomed for a single TV appearance, go home now.)

What else have I got for you this episode?

How about a highly contagious Baby Vegaz? A ridiculously sad blind item? A truly meaty Cage Match? And an answer to listener Robert Gervais’s question about why, nearly 76 years after he first debuted, Superman is still locked down by copyright kryptonite?

Have a listen!

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