April 7, 2014

Episode 47: Oi, you lot! It's the UK edition!

Click MeThat headline up there’s for my new UK fans. I now appear weekly on iTV’s This Morning, see, and I need to do all I can to charm the home of wee Prince George and the beans and toast. If you’ve seen me on Friday’s Showbiz Showdown, and you’ve been curious about me gobby podcast, welcome to The Fame Fatale, innit?

This week’s bits n bobs:
  • A reader asks whether the Divergent films might be saved by an ending less rubbish than the source material. And I find out, like.
  • Another reader wonders why we’re seeing Justin Bieber’s todger on video. And so I learnt why.
  • And still another reader pings me about how much Anna Kendrick got paid to go on Saturday Night Live and whinge about not getting paid. And have a guess! I suss it out!
And still more toshHow many barmy hairdressers it takes to make a celebrity ginge. Why Frozen really ain't all that cracking. And Baby Vegas is back, well-nigh starkers as usual. 

Bob's your uncle! And he's a tosser! So have a butcher's!

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