March 31, 2014

Episode 46: The GOOP Defense

Click MeNow that Gwyneth Paltrow has consciously uncoupled, it’s time to talk about the purposeful divorce and volitional single life that will likely follow. Will GOOP be able to expand her rabid fan base of urban backyard beekeepers and kale juice enthusiasts? Or will her haters increase their number, swelling into a mob that stages barely civil, bonfire-sized burnings of organic cotton T-shirts and reclaimed wooden cutting boards?

If you have high hopes for the latter outcome, you’re not alone. One of my loyal listeners can’t stand Paltrow, either. But why? In this new episode, we delve into the phenomenon of Gwyneth haters, with a little defensive help from someone who has met her.

Also in this edition:
  • The real-life Ray Donovan, and how to write to him in jail
  • Who gets paid whenever Rihanna sings a hook that isn’t hers
  • I read your letters in a brand-new segment with a fresh, shiny sound cue and everything
  • You requested her. I went and got her. O.B. (Original Bitchling) Drink of Water is in the studio!
Have at it!

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