March 3, 2014

Episode 43: American pie (with extra cheese)

Click Me Now that the Oscars are over, can we talk about that cheesy pizza that Ellen Degeneres had delivered in the middle of the telecast? Answer Dad loved that stunt. Thought it was brilliant comedy. I was more curious about the pizza itself—whether the whole jape was real, an elaborate bit of theater, or just an excuse for Jennifer Lawrence to actually get to eat something on Oscar night. So I found out for you. (Bonus fact: Scuttlebutt among rival pizza makers in Los Angeles is that Lawrence’s slice was—and I quote—“crap.” I'm just relaying what I heard, and you should never shoot the messenger. Unless, of course, that messenger is delivering crap pizza.)

What else have I got for you this week?
    •  Tons of little-to-unknown dish about how things really work behind the scenes at the Oscars and the after-parties!

    •  A takedown on the best and worst of the Oscars gowns with the help of seasoned entertainment reporter Lawrence Yee!

    •  Exactly how much the money breakout star from Captain Phillips has in his pocket right now…and whether that pocket even belongs to him!

    Have a listen!

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    1. i still doubt that it's a real pizza guy. it's the first time i see any pizza delivery man wearing an apron outside of a sitcom...

      1. ok, i did some googling about that guy so forget what i said about he's fake. now the real question is why is a delivery man wearing an apron? haha