February 24, 2014

Episode 42: Rent-a-neck!

Click MeIt’s the last podcast before the Oscars! Ever wonder how actresses choose one obscene diamond necklace over another obscene diamond necklace before hitting a red carpet? Here’s a hint: Which jeweler is willing to pay the actress the most?

It’s the dirty, increasingly open secret of Oscar season: The red carpet fashion pay-for-placement game. Top designers shell out six to seven figure sums just so that an A-list actress will wear their earrings or bracelets, or even their gowns. True. In this special Oscar-packed episode, I dish all the details—including which top actress reportedly charges $1 million to wear a single bracelet.

Also this week!
  • Baby Vegas is back!
  • As promised, we bring in not Answer Dad, but Answer MOM, to rate the hotness of the men of Downton Abbey
  • I explain how any fatty—meaning any Hollywood actress over a size 2—ever manages to find a dress for the Oscars
  • I throw down in a particularly gruesome Cage Match. And there’s a twist: Baby Vegas’s little sister, Baby Baby Vegas, must choose a winner. 
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  1. Baby baby vegas.......hahahahaahha

  2. I am catching up belatedly with these episodes, but Answer Bitch and Answer Mom, how could you not mention Thomas? He's the hottest. Also evil and gay.

  3. Thom has hot potential. He just needs to meet the right man. DA writers: Are you paying attention?