February 3, 2014

Episode 40: They’re all coming out of the Woodywork

Click MeWith Justin Bieber’s Crime and Punishment Tour winding down, you’d think that the gossip news tide would also recede. That's what I was expecting, anyway; just a day or two ago I was even flirting with making up a kibble-juicing scandal at the Puppy Bowl just to pad my rather empty-looking podcast. (Wait. Are they juicing the kibble at the Puppy Bowl? Email me your tips!)

But then came an avalanche of sad, tawdry and downright bizarre stories from the world of entertainment, and your questions came pouring in: With old allegations being hurled afresh at Woody Allen (and just as much evidence against his accusers) is there anyone out there who won’t work with him? How did the world find out about Justin Bieber’s Toronto perp walk before he even crossed the Canadian border? 

And oh my God did you know that there’s a perfume inspired by Jim Henson’s Labyrinth?

My cup runneth over. Have a listen to my latest podcast, as I answer all of the above queries from folks just like you (or maybe it is you). Of course I also have a brand-new segment in which Answer Dad reviews Downton Abbey…and I may or may not have lied to him about what happens in the show next week.


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  1. Dear Leslie,

    Thank you for a nuanced post on the whole Woody Allen scandal. The one thing I really believe is that Dylan believes this happened and that is heartbreaking to me, someone abused this girl, either Woody Allen did what he did, or her Mother put this in her head and that is equally horrible. For me a real big red flag to me is that Mia Farrow has always backed Roman Polanski who is a convicted child molester. I don't see a mother of a molested child continuing to do that. Whatever, the situation is I feel so sad for Dylan.

  2. Agreed. I really feel for Dylan no matter what happened or didn't happen to her.

  3. Seems a bit weird that this is the second story from the Mia Farrow camp in the past month or so. Before this, what have we heard from her? Maybe I've been listening too hard about conspiracy theories, but is Mia promoting a biopic or autobiography in the near future?

  4. I do believe Mia Farrow tweeted that she is no longer friends with Polanski, I looked for it for a while and I couldn't find it - but it is irregardless - her hypocrisy or other sins are irrelevant, one doesn't have to be of pure of character to help her daughter find closure, if it indeed happened. People don't have to be saints to be telling the truth. - As for the timing, it probably resurfaces for Dylan Farrow every time Woody Allen is in the news, maybe in previous awards seasons she didn't have the fortitude, maybe the Globe tribute pissed her off, anger helps when courage isn't quite there yet. Personally, I think the open letter was a response to the Daily Beast article that tried to debunk her story: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/01/27/the-woody-allen-allegations-not-so-fast.html

  5. It is NOT another "another set of allegations". Is the same one as before.

    He's innocent until proven guilty. Would you not work with somebody because they were accused of something that authorities looked into and failed to find evidence to back up the claim?

  6. Anonymous: Good point. I am updating my post now.