January 27, 2014

Episode 39: The Justin files

Click MeFor a week now, you’ve been plying my Facebook and Twitter feed with questions—nay, prayers—begging me to use my sizable influence to eject Justin Bieber from our wholesome land, to protect our amber waves of grain from his rampaging sizzurp-fueled Batmobile of sin. Kick the egg-hurler out of the country! you cry. Send him back to the frozen Canadian hellscape from which he sprung!

Sadly, no matter how many charges Bieber faces, he’s probably not going anywhere. I mean, anywhere other than his double-gated Calabasas community, with its yolk-colored mansions and whatnot. My influence actually isn’t all that big—unless you think a Klout score of 52 is big—and Bieber is more likely looking at probation than deportation.

Don’t believe me? Might want to have a listen to my latest podcast, in which I break down exactly what’s likely to happen to the Bieb in coming weeks. As usual, the episode is jam-packed with real-life experts.

But that’s not all! How about…
  • A chewy blind item about a big-time TV personality with a nasty habit.
  • Answer Dad on what the heck is wrong with Lady Mary’s boyfriends.
  • And Ande, back by popular demand to discuss...a Lifetime movie, of all things.

Got a question for me about what’s really going on in Hollywood? Ask me in the handy feedback module to the right.

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