January 7, 2014

Episode 36: All tied up with an $80 bow

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It’s January! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If you’re a celebrity personal assistant, that question actually isn’t all that crazy. As I recently learned, stars like their assistants to think like an elf all year ‘round, starting right...about...now.

I offer you proof of this in my first podcast of the New Year, courtesy of an interview with a woman who served as the assistant for an Oscar-winning actress for more than 25 years. (My VIP also offers up a blind item about a star who loves to give prezzies so much that she… well, I’ll let you discover that tidbit on your own. Also: Stars like to wrap their presents with silk ribbons that cost $80 a yard. Happy New Year!)

What else have I got for you in my latest episode? How’s about:
  • The reason why you keep seeing the same newspaper over and over again on TV.
  • A dirty blind item about a comedic actor with very sticky fingers.
  • And the triumphant return of Baby Vegas!
All this, plus, of course, just for you, a brand-new Cage Match. Have a listen.

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