November 19, 2013

Episode No. 33: Babes in tourland

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Photo by Piper Rastello
So Miley Cyrus has chosen her opening act for her way-feminist, super-nekkid all-twerking world tour, y’all! But the question remains: Will they even get paid? After all, as I’ve reported before, some acts get nothing for hitting the road, even with a famous act. Some baby performers even have to pay to open for a main attraction.

You had questions about what it’s really like to open for a major hit maker on tour. So I found you an opening act: Meet Brynn Marie, a country-rock powerhouse who’s about to tell y’all how it really is.

Plus! Does anyone own Slenderman? Would anyone want to own Slenderman?

And! Guess who’s back in the little chair: It’s fan-favorite co-host Ande, and she’s here by your request. That is, it’s your request, if your name is Cocaine Sex Dream on Twitter. 

It’s all here for you in Episode No. 33. Have a listen!

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