October 16, 2013

Why you’ll never hear my super-sexy interview with Britney Spears

Earlier this month I teased you on Facebook. I indicated that, no matter what happened, no matter who hired me, no matter how much money a magazine wanted to throw at me, I would probably never interview Britney Spears. I also promised that I would explain that proclamation soon.

But I left you hanging. I forgot all about that post and headed over to the Four Seasons to eat overpriced vegan quesadillas for a while. I am sorry about that, and in more ways than one.

Anyway. Britney Spears. Here’s that post I promised you.

Over the past decade, I’ve interviewed plenty of celebrities. I’ve sat down with Blake Lively and Viola Davis and Alexander Skarsgard and Simon Cowell and Jessica Chastain and Kelly Clarkson and Minnie Driver and Kerry Washington and Emily Blunt and Khloe Kardashian and Penelope Cruz and Demi Lovato and Steven Spielberg and Scarlett Johansson and Amber Heard and George Lucas and Mila Kunis and Rosario Dawson. I’ve survived Christian Bale, even.

As prickly as some of those folks can be, they all allow one thing, one very small thing, that Spears won’t.

They all allow reporters to ask whatever they want.

Spears, in contrast, does not. Her demands came to light last month, when, during a sit-down with Good Morning America—not exactly the most hard-hitting investigative folks out there—a reporter asked a question that sent Britney’s team into a tizzy. 

That query: Who was her first kiss?

The singer apparently handled the question “like a pro,” but her team was not amused.

“Britney doesn’t do any interviews with any media outlets that don’t agree to the conditions set forth by her team,” the source told Radar. “This is done to protect Britney, and so she won’t be asked any awkward questions.”

By way of context, Spears is the same singer who once proclaimed, on camera, that she’d had sex with Kevin Federline three times in a single day.

Plenty of media outlets agree to muzzle themselves in exchange for access to A-listers. When I worked at US Weekly, editors caved to publicist demands almost daily. Angelina Jolie infamously tried to muzzle reporters while promoting a movie about the First Amendment. Plenty of writers submitted.

But other journalists and publicists have more integrity; my celebrity cover stories for the late, great LA: The Los Angeles Times Magazine, for example, were written with the understanding that we could ask anything, and we did. If a starlet didn’t want to talk about her personal life, or her fashion preferences, or any topic at all, that was fine. But that was on her, not us. We still got to ask.

And on this blog, every interview you’ll hear or see is hand-made without additives and is 100 percent B.S. free. Which means you’ll never see an interview here with Spears. Besides, wouldn’t you rather hear an interview with a real porn star instead?

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  1. The more porn interviews, the better.