October 22, 2013

Episode 29: All the presidents' dens

Click MeWhat’s better than another Fame Fatale episode featuring three listener questions, answered? Another Fame Fatale episode featuring four listener questions, answered. This week I abstain from a VIP interview in order to give you all more of what you crave, and that’s me talking. 

You asked whether Elizabeth Berkley’s hopped-up jive performance on Dancing With the Stars makes her the next Mario Lopez. I found out.

You asked what would happen if Prince Jackson stopped chewing gum and suddenly decided he wanted to be a grownup. I looked into it.

You asked how Hollywood manages to shoot so many TV shows and movies featuring the same Oval Office. Turns out, you can get your very own Oval Office, and I’ll tell you how.

Plus! Secrets of blind items... and the return of Baby Vegas.

Got your own question about how Hollywood really works? Ask in the feedback module to the right.

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