October 9, 2013

Episode 27: The young & the ruthless

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Fun fact: The best pizza dough in Los Angeles just happens to take two days to make. That’s one day more than your average dough takes. The moral: Sometimes you just need an extra 24 hours to produce perfection.

Ditto with podcasts. Episode 27 of the Fame Fatale is out on a Wednesday this week, and that’s because we wanted to make it extra crispy on the outside and super chewy on the inside. Just what kind of delicious toppings are we offering in this installment? Well:
  • Listener Kyle R. had a bunch of queries about the making of soap operas. So we got him a true daughter of daytime drama royalty: Lauralee Bell, veteran star of the Young and the Restless; Web entertainment innovator; writer; director of the comedic Web series Family Dinner; and occasional guest actress on your favorite TV shows such as Castle. If you think the kids from Glee work hard, wait til you hear what a typical day in the life of a soap star is like. 
  • Do you assume that Breaking Bad offered up the best series finale of all time? You may be wrong. Listener DocTerv asked for my definitive list, and I’ve got it for you. I even let a few of you chime in as well.
  • Plus! Special guest co-host Nancie Clare, founder of Noir magazine; contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books; and a ruthless expert on all things murder mystery, recommends the one crime series everybody should read. (And then I recommend a different one.)
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  1. Great podcast, it's always super interesting to hear an insider's voice and PoV. Thanks to Lauralee Bell and Nancie Clare for their contributions! I have to give you props, Ms Leslie, for bringing all of these ladies to your podcaster table and showing that Hollywood / the entertainment industry are indeed not only a man's world...

    AND I now added tons of tv series to my must watch list! thx!! :)

    (Although I was bummed out that you 2 didn't like Top of the Lake, but it will give me that extra incitative to watch it and let's hope, play devil's advocate).