October 1, 2013

Episode 26: B-list cooties!

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Just how insecure is the average A-list celebrity? Assuming, of course, that the A-lister is really an A-lister? In my latest episode, celebrity wrangler Rita Tateel, that herder of very beautiful cats, dishes on how Hollywood truly defines a VIP in a city of so-called VIPs... and how celebrities tend to rank each other. (Hint: Too many B-listers can scare an A-lister away from an event. Cooties, you understand.)

Also in this episode!

  • Music industry veteran, celeb social media expert and Nerd Out podcast co-host Lisa B. Jenkins takes issue with my fact-finding, and offers a spectacular blind item in the process.
  • I explain why Downton Abbey is taking three months to journey across the Atlantic to the United States. (It is so hard to find good help these days.)
  • And! I crush Lisa B. in the Cage Match arena. Or maybe I just shove her kind of hard. You be the judge.
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