September 17, 2013

Episode 24: In which I learn that Breaking Bad may not win every last Emmy

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It’s Emmy week! It’s Emmy week! For the next seven days my email inbox will overflow with breathless intel from publicists letting me know precisely which chandelier earring Claire Danes is wearing right this very second. It’s all extremely important.

Know what’s even more pressing, though? Your questions! About this Emmy season! You sent me TV-related questions via Twitter, via Facebook, via that there comment box on the right. And, with the help of special guest co-host Dan Fienberg of HitFix, I answer said questions. All while wearing Le Vian pave diamond fan earrings. (Well, OK, I don’t own any such earring. But Cat Deeley wore ‘em just the other day!)

So. Sit back. Relax. Maybe put on your favorite face mask (for the record, stars really do use those before hitting the Emmy red carpet—Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask is not a joke, people) and listen up as I answer your queries on:
  • Why the Emmy people can’t seem to rally behind Sons of Anarchy
  • Why not all American Horror Story stars are created equal
  • Why Breaking Bad may not, in fact, walk off with every Emmy in the building this weekend
And much, much more!

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