August 21, 2013

Great moments in bald celebrity history, starring a loyal listener

Sinead, Shepherd. Shepherd, Sinead.
Hilary Shepherd is loyal in more ways than one. She’s always listened to every syllable I’ve ever recorded, because, of course. But perhaps more importantly, Shepherd is loyal to her friends.  So loyal, in fact, that when a friend was diagnosed with cancer last year, Shepherd immediately wanted to shave her own head in support.

“In November, after my friend’s hair fell out from chemo and she had already shaved her own head, she shaved mine,” Shepherd tells me. “We made a whole night out of it; recorded it on video for YouTube and everything.

“Everyone there was quite excited, except for her 3-year-old daughter, who thought we were crazy.”

(Editor’s note: 3-year-olds rock out to the Wiggles and wear stuff like this. They have no business judging the crazy.) 

But sometimes, crazy moments give birth to truly great ones.

“Being bald was so liberating for me, and the positive feedback was so great, I knew I had to have as much fun with it as possible,” she tells me. “My ex-boyfriend called me Britney one day, and that's when the big ol' light bulb went off: bald celebrities! 

“In January 2013, my friends and I turned their living room into a little studio and off we went.”

The result: These homages to Sinead O’Connor, Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Sigourney Weaver and Demi Moore, all starring Shepherd in her bald glory.

Well played, loyal listener. Well played.

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  1. No, Natalie is the one who should be honored, sister. Have you tried sending these to the celebs themselves? Would be interested to see how they react.

  2. What a fantastic story!! :)

  3. That is fantastic!! And what a kick-butt friend Miss Shepherd is! And thank god she has a well-shaped skull like Sinead!! But where can we see the OTHER celeb re-creation pics??

  4. Hi Les. Check out the link in the penultimate graf.

  5. Remarkable likenesses Hilary! And what a great friend you are.