August 27, 2013

Episode 22: Hacking the hacks

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After watching Lady Gaga at the VMAs this weekend, you may be wondering: Wait a minute. This was this the single that Gaga was so keen on keeping under wraps? This was the sacred comeback hymn whose premature leak sent her spiraling into a death spasm of self-pity?

Some hacker spent weeks spelunking the glitter-caked virtual hallways of the Haus of Gaga for... this? Why, God, why?

That last query isn’t rhetorical. One of you actually asked that. And I found out the answer. It’s all here for you in this latest episode of our podcast. Plus!
  • The real reason why Ben Affleck is Batman.
  • Why no amount of marketing money could save Pacific Rim, at least, stateside.
  • And, look who’s back! It’s Spin Media’s Kelly Lynch, who hated Miley Cyrus’s twerk-tastic VMAs medley more than you did. Promise.
Have a listen!

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