August 20, 2013

Episode 21: Pancake wars!

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The Fame Fatale comes of age today with its 21st podcast. Woot. Jello shots for everybody. And here’s a prezzie for all you, a Hobbit birthday gift, if you will: Three more of your questions about the inner machinations of Hollywood, answered! 

“Such as?” you query. Very well:
  • Is your favorite TV star looking particularly shellacky this season—or just extremely zit-tastic like the poor vampires on True Blood? If the wonders of high-def have been distracting for you, just imagine what it’s like for top Hollywood makeup artists, who deal with it every flippin’ day. Actually, don’t imagine. Just listen to the dish from Howard Berger, whose work spans everything from Breaking Bad to Oz the Great and Powerful, and who does battle with high-def using nothing but brushes and wit.
  • The death of The Bachelor’s Gia Allemand has one of my listeners wondering whether reality TV producers screen potential contestants for psychological disorders. I tracked down a psychotherapist who actually administers those tests, and got the deets.
  • If "Blurred Lines" isn’t stuck in your head right now, there’s a good chance that Anna Kendrick’s cup song is. Can someone get paid just for introducing cup stylings into a ditty from the Depression Era? One of you asked. And I found out.
Plus! American royal highness Kelly Lynch of Celebuzz and the Spin Media empire joins me in the co-host chair this week. 

Go ahead and start listening.

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  1. Digital cinematographers respond to this week's Howard Berger interview over at filmmaking website:

  2. Interesting. I think this tension--between DPs, makeup artists, and post-production folks--is only going to grow.