August 13, 2013

Episode 20: One Direction's unpaid interns

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One Direction. Everybody shriek!
Our 20th episode is here! Let’s call it the Charcoal Anniversary, after the material that makes up the bulk of my wizened heart. This week, I tackle three of my listeners’ most burning questions about entertainment, including, of course, the obligatory porn question.

Plus! Ever wonder what it’s like to open for a mega-tour like One Direction’s Take Me Home? You eat for free. And, turns out, that’s not all you do for free.

Also! Londoners get a quick primer on why Johnny Depp gets to play Tonto without anybody turning his backyard into Pine Ridge.

And finally! I get my mojo back in the Cage Match arena, even though Baby Vegas offers up one of the most epic celebrity sightings of all time.

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  1. On my gi-gorgeous plasma TV, many of the actors on high-definition cable channels look like they're makeup has been applied with a mortar trowel. True Blood vampires are especially foundation-encrusted, and always look like they've just emerged from a powder donut wind tunnel. Hi-def TV must be a nightmare for Hollywood makeup artists. Should we blame advances in video technology for magnifying the artifice that previously went undetected? Or can we blame vain actors for demanding additional pancake shellack to plaster over their HD-amplified pores?

  2. I am on this like white grease paint on rice. Wait. That didn't come out right.