August 6, 2013

Episode 19: Is Kate Middleton really all that jolly well bloody remarkable?

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Kate the great?
For this 19th episode of the Fame Fatale podcast, I bring you a bona fide expert in British royals: Marcia Moody, author of the new Kate: A Biography, is here to answer all of your questions about who Kate Middleton really is and whether our new Duchess is truly worthy of all the insta-praise being heaped on her. 

If you, too, have wondered why Middleton has chosen to support an unorthodox charity, why someone so silent has garnered so many accolades, or what would have happened if Kate had decided to go child-free, I have your answers. (Special shout-out to Reddit’s Two X-Chromosomes community for supplying thoughtful and intelligent queries.)

  • How to throw a Star Wars-themed party without getting beaten up by the sand people at Disney
  • Celebrity mommy-tucks revisited, just for you
  • And! Do I actually lose a Cage Match to co-host Guy Branum? Even though I bring an Oscar-winning actor into the arena? You have to listen to believe it.

It’s all here in Episode 19.

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  1. I'm pretty sure many celebs, especially those who "arrive" in their later 20s and early 30s, shave a few years off their official ages for PR purposes. What lengths do they go to in order to preserve this happy illusion? Do they send ninja assistants out to their high school libraries to abscond with and shred those yellowing palimpsest yearbooks? Do they have sneaky ways to "modify" the birthdate that appears on official records, like drivers' licenses? Am I being way too cynical?

  2. Hee. You are not being cynical. Let me start digging on this. Let's get investigative!

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