July 3, 2013

How to make an entire hotel STFU for no discernible reason

If you don’t have the $423-$1,875 a night to stay at the Mondrian Soho in New York, here’s a dispatch from a spy on the ground: Cameron Diaz and jiggle-ista Kate Upton are shooting a movie there. We know this movie exists because of a relentless stream of bounce-tastic paparazzi photos of Upton shooting in the nearby Hamptons.  

We also know all the deets because right outside the hotel, the city has posted filming permits–the kind that grants parking space and elbow room for production vans, trailers and the like. 

But despite all that obviousness–including the title of the flick right there on the publicly posted permits–the workers inside the hotel have been gagged. Every single one of ‘em. Apparently, they aren’t even allowed to say who’s quite obviously shooting just a few feet from them in the hotel restaurant.

“We asked three people what was going on,” a hotel guest just told me, “and all three said they couldn't discuss it because they had to sign non-disclosures: the lobby manager, the doorman and the hostess.

“But they did say if we looked outside on the permits we'd be able to figure it out.”

And so my spy stepped outside, and was immediately told everything...not only by the wording on the permits, but also by the crew actually working on the movie

“The talent was revealed to us by the guy in the street working for one of the companies involved in the shooting,” I am told.

So much for legally enforced secrecy.

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