July 23, 2013

Episode 17: Robot invasion!

Click MeSeen Pacific Rim? You know, the arthouse movie about mechanical men coming to terms with alienation in the modern world through the redemptive power of boat-throwing? Right. That Pacific Rim.

Apparently some of you think that the movie is a ripoff of other mega-robot flicks. If you are one of those people, then my special guest, Adi Tantimedh of Bleeding Cool, would like a word with you. Allow him to school you on the long, loooooonnnng history of massive mechas, courtesy of my latest podcast. By the end of his segment, you will know your testujins from your Transformers. And, coincidentally, the world will be forever free from invading aliens.

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Also in this episode:

  Guest co-host Lawrence Yee of TMZ’s TooFab explains why American Horror Story is scary-smart when it comes to Emmy strategy.

•  Mr. Yee brings his mad red-carpet skills into the Cage Match arena, but is soundly defeated by an 87-year-old former sitcom star. It’s kind of sad.

•  Plus! Your obligatory royal baby question, answered!

It’s all here in Episode 17. Plus, a handy infographic for all your robotic-history needs!

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