July 9, 2013

Episode 15: Please don't feed the patent trolls

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Marc Maron
Let’s just say you’re one of those talky people who likes to put on a show. You know: in a barn, on a stage, over those new-fangled webby inter-tubes.

Now just hold on there, future Oprah Jr. Turns out that, by merely doing that last thing–putting your face up to a USB mic and spewing your electrifying thoughts in podcast form–you’re opening yourself up to legal harassment and possibly even a lawsuit. That includes me. And, if you have a podcast, that includes you, too. 

Where is this fuckery coming from? Turns out, it’s a single company, which insists it holds a patent affecting pretty much every podcaster out there.

A loyal listener of mine has heard rumors about this accused patent troll, and wrote in expressing deep concern. So I looked into it, and got more answers for you, courtesy of IP attorney Peter Toren and none other than Marc Maron, host of one of the most amazeballs podcasts ever.

So there’s that.

Also in this episode!:
  • Why you should stop worrying about Armie Hammer forthwith, featuring the always-plugged-in casting director Bonnie Gillespie.
  • Why you should stop worrying about record labels forthwith, starring the fabulous music industry insider and fellow endangered podcaster Tom DeSavia.
  • And I actually, just might, um, lose a Cage Match. Against Baby Vegas, of all people. Let’s never speak of that again.
So hit that there play button already!

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