June 5, 2013

Your Amanda Bynes conspiracy theory o’ the day

Schadenfreude enthusiasts have been following Amanda Bynes’s Twitter account for months now, engaging in spirited debates on whether the wig-tastic child star has lost her mind, or is just crazy like a Joaquin Phoenix.

Now comes a new wrinkle: Another Twitter account, run by somebody who calls herself @persiannyc27 and who sounds a whole lot like Bynes—obsessing over Drake, lecturing strangers on what not to say to her—but with sparkling touches of violence thrown in. 

“You're so ugly I want to stab your face with a knife, carve out ur eye balls and stab your voice box so I no longer have to hear your voice,” @persiannyc27 quipped less than 24 hours ago.

Sharp-eyed observers on Reddit have put together a convincing case that @AmandaBynes and @persiannyc27 are both the same publicity-obsessed hot mess, noting that Bynes was the first person to follow the latter’s account as soon as it was created, and that Bynes frequently re-Tweets the nuggets posted by that second account. (Then again, Reddit is home to the Encyclopedia Browns who thought they may have nailed a Boston bomber. They had not.)

As for why Bynes may be doing this, the Internet is full of painful guesswork. Allow me to add my own, courtesy of some actual professionals who have witnessed similar things.

“Amanda is filled with self-hatred, which could become directed at others at some point,” posits psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. She also wonders whether the actress should seek treatment for mental illness—though, Bynes herself insists that she’s healthy and fine.

“It seems most likely that Amanda is suffering from manic-depressive illness, and is in a manic phase,” Lieberman suggests. “Having an alter-ego Twitter handle is another manifestation of her crumbling psyche.”

Of course, Lieberman points out, drugs or alcohol may also be involved—not a weak theory, given Bynes's recent arrest for allegedly throwing a bong out of a window.

Agree? Disagree? Let the armchair blowhardery continue in comments.

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  1. There is a third account they need to check out. I noticed it, pretty sure it's Amanda. It is @drugproblem. Either that or an Amanda wannabe.

  2. She was kidnapped by this psycho bitch.