June 21, 2013

Oh my God there’s no K: What Kim Kardashian’s new baby’s name really means

Kim Kardashian has a baby daughter, and her name has been revealed. Let the hollow analysis begin!

I’d be shirking my duties if I didn’t try to make some sort of hay out of the neonate North West. And that’s in fact the name of the debut baby born unto Kardashian and Kanye West: North.

So what does it all mean, other than some company is about to get way rich selling Kardashian Kompasses? 

I found out. The short takeaway: It doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the baby’s personality. It’s a newborn. It doesn’t have one of those.

But the name sure does say a lot about Kim and Kanye. Specifically: They are not just narcissists. They just might be extreme narcissists.

I reached out to Jean Twenge, of San Diego State University’s department of psychology. Is it just me, I asked the author of The Narcissism Epidemic, or does North West sound like the name of a famous performer? 

And if so, what does that say about the parents?

“I agree that North West sounds like a performer,” she replied. “I think they are trying to signal that the baby is already famous and will be famous in her own right later.

“Choosing a name this unique signals a more extreme desire to stand out and get attention, traits typical of people high in narcissism.”

You don’t say.

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