June 3, 2013

Justin Bieber’s neighborhood gets more cops, thanks to Justin Bieber

If you live on the outskirts of Los Angeles and you read TMZ, you’ve probably boarded up your house and evacuated by now. After all, there is, apparently, a revolt brewing at the Oaks, the Calabasas community where Justin Bieber lives. 

Since moving in last year, Bieber has reportedly turned his neighborhood into a partytastic hellhole of Rihannic proportion, throwing noisy (but nondisclosed) ragers. Also, Bieber and his and his friends have been spotted rocketing about in his fabulous popster-mobile, startling dozens of innocent locals who just want to cross the street to visit their frenemies for brunch.

Frustrated, Bieber’s neighbors are supposedly mulling an appeal to their homeowners association. 

Said neighbors “are planning to withhold their monthly dues until something is done,” TMZ notes. “We're told about 500 residents pay $1,000/month, so it's a huge chunk o' change that could be withheld.”


“I highly doubt that anyone is going to be dumb enough to not pay the HOA fees,” says Marc Garbell, a real estate agent who specializes in the Oaks area. “Not paying the HOA fee will only result in fines, late charges and losing privileges to the community center, gym and pool.”

Great day in the morning. Anything but that.

And oh: One other thing.

“The HOA fees are not $1,000; they're $334 plus an additional $285 if you're in the Estates,” the elite, double-gated seventh-circle of the Oaks where Bieber lives.

That said, Garbell informs me, “The HOA is taking steps; 25-miles-per-hour speed limit signs have been installed up Parkway Calabasas. In addition, there definitely has been an increase of sheriffs [activity] in the community looking for speeders.

“The sheriff's presence has increased since the latest incident with you-know-who.”

I feel safer already. Brunch, anyone?

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