June 10, 2013

Jason Derulo’s stylist would like that shirt back

This isn't the infamous flying shirt.
But you know what is? This.
Life for celebrity stylists can be nasty, and not just for the poor folk who had to pull Lady Gaga out of an egg a couple years back. If you’re working with any name-brand star, you can find yourself committing to 24 hours of work, all so that your client can weerrrrrk.

Your specific duties? Well, how about getting your client’s T-shirts back when he tosses said shirts into the audience?

Take the case of Darius Baptist, who dresses Jason Derulo for magazine covers and performances—such as the set he performed at the after party for the recent Billboard Music Awards. During that show, Baptist found himself in a slightly awkward situation.

“Jason and his dancers, they are trying to give a great show, and sometimes Jason will take his shirt off during the performance,” Baptist told me last week.

(Confidential to Mr. Derulo: The nation thanks you, sir.)

“Usually he leaves it on the stage and a dancer scoops it up,” Baptist said. “But during that one show he threw it into the audience. And I am like, ‘That is not a giveaway!’

“I had to send one of my assistants into the crowd to take it back! She was like, ‘Are you kidding?’ But someone had to go get that T-shirt, or explain to Jason’s manager why we were paying another $300, $350 for a T-shirt."

(Confidential to Mr. Derulo's manager: So why are you paying $350 for a T-shirt?)

Anyway. Yes. This happened. Some lucky female fan had just caught a DSQUARED2 tee worth an estimated $350 (not including the unknowable value of Derulo’s DNA) and was cradling it in the audience when Baptist’s assistant found her.

“I felt bad for her,” Baptist said of the fan. “I was on the side of the stage, watching it all play out.”

At first the fan didn’t believe that the assistant actually worked for Derulo, so security had to be called for some very gentle backup. The fan was finally placated with a signed photo from the singer.

Eventually, Derulo himself was informed about L’Affaire DSQUARED2. Needless to say, he likely won’t be throwing his tees in the future. Because, seriously, people: A $350 shirt worn by Jason Derulo? Priceless. At least, to his stylist.

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