June 18, 2013

Episode 13: Jesus H. Krypton!

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That new Superman movie is Christ-tastic, isn’t it, kids? That’s a rhetorical question. Empirically speaking, Man of Steel has to be the most religiously pushy piece of moviemaking since Battlefield Earth. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. 

Listen in to Episode 13 of my Fame Fatale podcast to learn just how Christian our friend from Krypton has gotten, plus hear some insight on this topic from the fabulous Siike Donnelly, host of Up, Up and Away, and a resident DC comics expert at the iconic Golden Apple in Los Angeles.

  • Would you pay $50 to see World War Z? What if it came with, um, a limited edition poster? And is this the future of movie ticket prices?
  • Which highfalutin movie director had a highfalutin lunch just a few feet from me and managed to walk away unharmed?
  • Is Will Smith’s career over because of After Earth? Do you want it to be?
And, back and badder then ever... Baby Vegas.

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