June 11, 2013

Episode 12: Pretty little writers

Click MeAnother edition of my podcast is here! If you’re a fan of episodic drama, rejoice. Rejoice all over again if you like shows such as Pretty Little Liars, because our new installment of The Fame Fatale features an in-depth interview with one of the show writers! One of you wrote in asking how such shows get plotted out, and I got the answer for you, and so much more.

  • Are there lies printed on celebrity death certificates? It’s not a dumb question, and I explain why, with the help of crack wills and estates attorney Irwin Feinberg.
  • Want an Oscar? Be prepared to shell out...and butter up a critic or two. I have the dish on the Academy Award submission rules. If you’re a small-budget filmmaker, or merely unconnected, then you’re already at a disadvantage.
  • Can we live without Game of Thrones? The Nerd-Out co-host Lisa Jenkins and I discuss the relative bad-assery of Tywin Lannister vs. budding murderer Arya Stark. It’s how we say goodbye to Season 3 of HBO’s best current show.
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