June 4, 2013

Episode 11: How to scrub Google like a star

Click MeWe’re pleased to announce the 11th episode of The Fame Fatale! This particular edition is fed by conspiracy-minded readers eager to know whether stars are secretly manipulating the Intertubes with occult online reputation-scrubbing techniques. The answer is yes, and it's called "Google suppression." And, per usual, I have proof. You won’t want to miss my interview with veteran PR consultant and Reputation.com vice chairman Howard Bragman. Does he name names? Yep. Yep, boy howdy, he does.

Also! People are concerned about Portia de Rossi, which, in my world, means that people want to know if de Rossi has done something to her face. I ran some photos past friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon-to-the-stars Dr. Brent Moelleken. Short answer: Vegans rejoice.

And, oh! Hey! Did you catch that fabulous wedding on Game of Thrones? Wasn’t it romantic? You don’t think anybody’s bought those crazy kids a chip-n-dip yet, do you? Because mine’s in the mail. Co-host Lisa Jenkins (one half of The Nerd Out podcast) and I break down this game-changer of an episode. I even manage to find something negative to say. Please don’t slice my throat in my sleep.

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