June 14, 2013

And IMDB’s biggest star in the world is...

Source: IMDB
Shannon Guess. You know, Shannon Guess! That actress from that...thing!

Don’t recognize the name? Well, according to the IMDB Pro Starmeter —which measures actor popularity based on the searches of the millions of people who use the iconic film database—the Texas-based bit actress is more interesting this second than Game of Thrones khaleesi Emilia Clarke (No. 2) Henry Cavill (No. 4), or the suddenly very hot Benedict Cumberbatch (No. 7).

Guess’s claim to fame? It isn’t her small part as “Zombie” in The Walking Dead, nor her turn as “Waitress” on Drop Dead Diva.

No, Guess is literally at the top of the IMDB this Friday afternoon because she managed to do something that most actors can’t do. She got herself arrested in this town. Actually, she got herself arrested in Arkansas. Last week. For allegedly sending ricin-laced envelopes to the president and to the mayor of New York. 

Who needs a publicist for $5,000 a month when you can allegedly poison somebody for the cost of a stamp?

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