May 23, 2013

Dawson's peek: The lowdown on up-skirting

This isn't the crotch shot.
Deal with it.
Here’s a quick rundown on what Rosario Dawson’s been up to: She’s playing civil rights activist Dolores Huerta in an upcoming biopic about Cesar Chavez. She’s killing it in a new Danny Boyle flick. She’s making sure that Latinos get their vote on, ahead of a year that’s arguably going to be one of the most crucial, ever, for immigration reform.

But that’s not what’s really important. What’s really important is Dawson’s lady parts. 

According to reports in the entertainment blogs, the veteran actress accidentally flashed her hoo-hah during a red-carpet jaunt at Cannes this week. And it was a crotch-shot that went ‘round the world.

Per E! Online, Dawson was “completely unaware that her extremely thigh-high slit had slightly shifted, and of course, the shutterbugs were present to snap the wardrobe snafu. With the exception of the revealing moment, Dawson stunned in her white Elle Saab gown, which also featured a plunging neckline (luckily, that part stayed put!) in addition to the daring slit.”

Yes. How lucky.

(“At least she was wearing knickers!” crowed.)

Here’s the thing, though: If you take even a cursory look at these vadge shots—you’ll have to click on the links above, because, gurl, I am not paying for the rights to those photos—you’ll notice something: The photographer’s cameras seem to be positioned either at Dawson’s hip level, or just under that level. 

How convenient. Could that Cannes shutterbug have been trolling for a “wardrobe malfunction,” and then hit pay dirt?

Consider a bit of insider dish that Dawson herself told me just a few months ago. I was interviewing her for a magazine, but the following quotes never made it into the final piece.

“I remember doing red carpets” several years ago, she recalled to me. “And [photographers] would wait at the red carpet. Nowadays [the talent] come out, and as soon as the doors open, a camera is down at their knees, so they can get a shot of you stepping out. So it’s almost impossible for you to not flash someone. Almost impossible. They’re looking for that shot. 

“And then it’s like, ‘Gasp! What a faux pas! I can’t believe she flashed!’ But she didn’t do anything. She was just getting out of the car...and someone had a camera at her ankles. The idea, nowadays, is that, ‘If I take a bad photo of you even better, because I can sell it to people.”

If that Cannes camera had been at eye level, would we have seen this so-called wardrobe malfunction? Not likely.

So. Dawson was likely very aware of what the Cannes photogs were up to when they took that crotch shot. She just had better things to do than fight a system that—when it comes to red carpets—is rigged against her, and most other women in the film business.

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  1. THIS! Love that you cleared it up.

  2. Great reporting. Worth noting that she appears to be ascending some steps in the Cannes shot, so it does make sense that the photogs lenses would have been below waist level at that moment.