May 22, 2013

Episode 9: Cloak & digital

Click MeIt’s finally here—an episode that was a month in the making! After much cloak-and-dagger intrigue, I am thrilled to bring you the ninth installment of The Fame Fatale, featuring a brand-new, top-secret source we shall call... Deep Pixel
Deep Pixel’s job is so hush-hush, so sensitive, that Hollywood’s elite would really, really rather he not speak to me. But he did anyway. And you’ll be glad he did.

Also in this week’s show: What’s next for St. Angelina of Jolie; why Mad Men and Breaking Bad are better shows than Community, you know, empirically speaking; and the return of the infamous Cage Match, in which Baby Vegas tries to sell me on the importance of That Dude From The Mindy Project...and fails.

You won’t want to miss that. Or, at least, you won’t want to miss Deep Pixel. The Cage Match thing is a little subjective.

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  1. Curious: is the intro for Deep Pixel from "The Red Shoes"?

    Also: can you perhaps-maybe-one day if you are able to-legally able to... give us clues to these brand name stars that request the alterations?? Like..has celeb A had a movie out within the past 2 years? Marriage status? any supporting roles within the past 3 years? CLUES!! bread crumbs!! This could be soooo much fun.

    1. FF's sound engineer here. The brief musical intro to the interview is something I cobbled together in GarageBand. I was going for an ominous underground parking garage whistleblower feel, like in "All the President's Men," with some "Chinatown" harp thrown in, topped by a "JFK" dirge-style trumpet rendition of the FF jingle. Admittedly, it sounds a lot better in print.

  2. I shall strew in the next episode. Tell all your cool friends.