May 28, 2013

Episode 10: Why stars buy fake friends

Click MeNearly two weeks after I first revealed that LeAnn Rimes probably bought 100,000 new friends on Twitter, you kids are still all a-scandalized. And a-curious about exactly what 100,000 fake Twitter friends can do for a girl these days.

No problem! In my latest podcast, I wrangled a special guest: Lisa Jenkins, an expert on celebrities and social media. I made her sit in a chair and drink champagne and answer your follow-up questions on this very topic. 

Jenkins also co-hosts her own podcast, The Nerd Out, about all things dweebgirl. It’s a must-listen. Not that you’re going anywhere right now, because my new podcast needs your immediate attention. Otherwise you’ll miss still more occult Hollywood knowledge dished up just for you—including answers on why Famke Janssen sounds like Katharine Hepburn all of a sudden, and why you just may be richer than your favorite video game heroine.

Plus, we deliver an epic cage match lorded over by the dark prince of celebrity stalking: Longtime listener Clint!

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