April 18, 2013

Wax Harry Styles has his own glam squad

Say hello to Waxwork Harry Styles! If you’re a fan of Human Harry Styles, you should know that Waxy Harry here was recently unveiled via the Madam Tussauds London museum. If you choose to visit the tween singing sensation’s bee-borne doppleganger, know this: You’d better get your hair did first, gurl, because that statue will be lookin’ fresh to death.

According to the people at Madame Tussauds, their iconic wax figures get their hair washed and styled on the regular. 

“Artists inspect and primp each figure daily before the attraction opens,” the museum boasts in a press fact sheet.

You should also know that it may have taken longer to create Waxy Harry then it did to put together the original heartthrob’s image. 

“From the first private sitting with a celebrity to completion, it takes approximately four months to create a figure.”

More than 250 “precise measurements” go into creating a Tussauds waxwork. But not every measurement reflected in a statue is actually, well, precise: “Because wax shrinks, wax figures are made two percent larger than the real life subjects they portray.”

Fun fact, though: Wax Harry also writes better songs.


  1. Why is M. Night Shyamalan still directing big-budget Hollywood movies. How many strikes does he get?

  2. Great question, Anonymous. Let me look into it for you.

  3. When actors and actresses work on a show that shoots on location (The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, etc) where to they live during shooting? What about when filming movies on location? It's a totally random question but I've always wanted to know.

  4. Love the q, Mallory. Addin' it to the ol' hopper.