April 11, 2013

Lilo's still a big thing because: dudes

As Lindsay Lohan prepares to check in to her “locked” rehab for 90 days of omelette bars and water polo cleansing and personal reflection, it seems like a good time for me to check in on the gently downward sloping curve of her fame.

At least, that’s what I expected to see when I started looking into her popularity this week. But I was wrong. As much as the lot of you would love to see Lilo in jail (and you would, because, you people keep pinging me, begging me to please tell you when she’s going to jail), I must break this news to you: Lohan’s fame is still huge. 

And I don’t mean infamy. I don’t mean millions of people searching for “Lindsay Lohan train wreck” on Yahoo! I don’t mean pity fame. I mean fame fame. 

And you know who’s leading way in keeping Lilo afloat, court record or no?

Your man.

Here’s the proof: Yahoo! itself. According to the mega-search-engine, queries regarding Lohan have been spiking like hell recently. 

Because: Dudes.

“Everyone’s favorite tabloid star Lindsay Lohan was on David Letterman and the online world is buzzing,” a Yahoo media update disclosed earlier this week. But “only 20 percent of searches on [Lindsay Lohan] today are coming from women. The majority of searches are coming from men at 77 percent.”

So why are are men searching for Lindsay news at this hour? Is it, you know, concern over her frail health? A burning desire for justice? Updates on where she might be convalescing?

“I think it is honestly because they think she is pretty,” a Yahoo! source explained to me. “Men tend to search for her related to looks and women tend to search for her related to her personal dilemmas.”

Stay hot, Lindsay. And sober, too, if you feel like it. But seriously: Stay hot.

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